Dealers in Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

Watch Trader  are Australia's leading watch dealer for buyers, sellers and traders of fine pre-owned watches. We are watch dealers with a difference. We offer an online watch buying and selling service to clients across Australia.

Looking to sell a watch? We aim to deliver to you the best possible financial return whilst minimising effort on your part. Not keen on receiving only 40, 50 or 60% of the retail value of your watch? Then try our consignment service. Need a fast turnaround? Then sell to us for Cash from anywhere in Australia. Click here to sell now.

For our great range of secondhand watches visit our store, we offer great service, advice, information and security for what is a significant purchase. If you are in the market for a pre-owned watch, you may well ask yourself some questions. Not sure if that secondhand Rolex is real? Has the Panerai you've spotted been well looked after? Can I pay for a quality secondhand Omega securely by credit card? What about a warranty for a pre-owned IWC? If you think these are reasonable  things to ask then Watch Trader is for you.

You may be a collector with many fine pieces, an enthusiast who likes to change their timepiece every so often, or a first time buyer of a high-end watch. Regardless, Watch Trader is for anyone with an  interest in secondhand watches. Watch Trader are watch dealers with a difference.